SWOT Analysis is one of the best and simplest analytical and planning tools that help to identify gaps or plan future tasks in any area to which the tool is focused. It can be used any project phase; it can be used for the initial planning, or it can be used during the mapping of the market, or it can be used as a validation tool at the end of the project. It is highly flexible. HR SWOT Analysis is a tool for Human Resources; it aligns teams and gives names to real issues that HRM faces in the organization.

Human Resources can realize significant improvements and benefits when using HR SWOT Analysis. HR is a function that supports group work; it favors solutions that are designed and implemented by the dedicated team of professionals. In such a case, the SWOT Analysis can be a tool that unifies vision and aligns all ideas of team members.

HR SWOT AnalysisThe SWOT Analysis was invented in 60s of 20th century. Originally, it was a marketing tool. It was introduced to help marketing teams to describe the landscape around and in the organization. The analytical tool was not set to be as accurate as possible, but it was meant to collect all ideas and opinions in 4 different segments.

The beauty of the analysis is in its simple concept and idea behind the tool. Almost everyone can fill the piece of the paper after seeing several SWOT analysis examples. However, the most contributing benefit of the analysis is in its potential to generate vibrant and innovative ideas within a limited time frame.

Majority of people like to participate in the barnstorming sessions. They like to present ideas; they like to elaborate ideas of others to demonstrate a willingness to design and develop a bright new idea for the group. The tool allows to keep creativity of team members focused on different topics that are important for the successful development of a new product or process.

The results always depend on a proper and detailed preparation of the facilitator. The facilitator has to know what should be the result of a brainstorming session. If the outcome is not well defined, the group will always find a solution that will not meet all requirements. The team has to know how big the playground is.

Additionally, the facilitator has to protect shy analytical employees. The swot session has to be prepared the way that everyone can express opinion or idea. It is a hard part because loud people tend to bypass the team rules agreed at the beginning of the meeting. However, an excellent facilitator makes those shy people speak and inspire others.

HR SWOT Analysis

Human Resources is a social function in the organization; HR employees tend to solve all issues and projects in teams and groups, because they know that they reach higher performance than working on all issues alone.

HR Employees participate in different project teams, and they can transfer best practices among project teams or working groups. HR Professionals understand the essential principles of the team work. This means that they can produce useful outcomes for the team, and they can unify the team around topics that are generated and approved as a group exercise.

The HR Team in a need to create or update the HR Strategy should always perform the HR SWOT Analysis. It is a simple and quick tool that produces a result that help to aim the team in next phases of the strategy design activity.

HR SWOT Analysis

HR below the line

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Setting the right goals and objectives is the true art of the leadership. Human Resources trains managers and leaders how to set the targets for departments and employees. It manages the process so that all targets are aligned with the vision of the organization and follow the same approved principles.

However, Human Resources forgets to set the objectives for Human Resources Department. Just as the inspiration, you can find Goals and Objectives examples for the HR Business Partner, Recruitment and Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, HR Social Media, Employee Retention and HRIS.

The goals and objectives should be taken as examples. They are not the real targets to be used as they are provided. They just inspire. They help building the modern Human Resources Management Function in the company. Do not follow them blindly.

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