Global Human Resources is about the strategic thinking and strategic planning. Globalization is not just a topic for few multinational organizations; globalization has an impact on all businesses. It also has a substantial impact on employees. The global HR Management is a must for small start-ups that hire talents from best universities around the Globe. The global HR procedures and policies are required for companies that open a new branch in another country. The modern HR Organization has to incorporate globalization into HR Goals and Objectives. The HR Management has to become global without any compromises.

Globalization is not a danger for Human Resources; it is an opportunity for companies that embedded strategic HR Management into their thinking. Such organizations adjusted their corporate cultures that diversity is welcome and genuine diverse teams are on board. Those organizations invested into high-tech technologies so that team communication is smooth and cheap.

Global Human Resources is about:

  • strategic thinking and planning
  • global HR software
  • global talent acquisition and management
  • global performance management

Global HR Management is always based on the strategic plan and strategic thinking. The strategic plan is required because HR needs to plan activities that will lead to the development of global skills and competencies. Being global is not an easy task, and HR has to design a plan how to build a strong HR function which is ready to operate globally. The underlying plan and the excellent execution are always a sign of a good global HR Operations. Having a great plan is the first goal and objective for Human Resources on the path to becoming a global player.

The global presence of Human Resources needs to be supported by the excellent HR software. It is not just about the strong HRIS platform. It is about simple and quick online tools which help line managers across the Globe. They need accurate and instant information about the status of the team that is not located at one place. It is a genuine challenge for Human Resources to bring online tools that support productivity, daily management, development of the team and help to spread healthy leadership practices.

The HR software area is one of the biggest challenges. The HRIS solution has to be cheap, ready to be interfaced with other systems, secure and easy to use. Honestly, most HRIS solutions today do not meet these criteria. Today, IT solutions are robust, expensive, inflexible, and the implementation of changes is a real pain.

The global recruitment process and talent management is a sustainable competitive advantage. The small and agile organization cannot hire just local talents. If the company wants to be globally present, it has to retain global talents. There is no other way. HR has to develop its global recruitment skills; it has to identify best talents at any university in the world. It has to develop social media communication, which reaches all talents around the Globe.

Last, HR has to develop performance and succession planning processes that are not local. The succession plan needs to be global, and talents have to move through different countries and markets. The true leader of the future gains expertise in various areas and has the experience with branches and factories in different stages of the development.

Global Human Resources is not about having a special Center of Excellence that supports HR Departments around the Globe. It is about implementing the open corporate culture, and supporting diverse teams. It identifies talents around the Globe and allows them to grow into international leaders.

HR below the line

Goals, Goals, Goals!

Setting the right goals and objectives is the true art of the leadership. Human Resources trains managers and leaders how to set the targets for departments and employees. It manages the process so that all targets are aligned with the vision of the organization and follow the same approved principles.

However, Human Resources forgets to set the objectives for Human Resources Department. Just as the inspiration, you can find Goals and Objectives examples for the HR Business Partner, Recruitment and Staffing, Compensation and Benefits, Training and Development, Succession Planning, Leadership Development, HR Social Media, Employee Retention and HRIS.

The goals and objectives should be taken as examples. They are not the real targets to be used as they are provided. They just inspire. They help building the modern Human Resources Management Function in the company. Do not follow them blindly.

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