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Human Resources Management

Human Resources (HR) is a rapidly developing business function. The young HR professionals enjoy the excellent career path in the area of the HR Management. They contribute to the steadily development of the competitive advantage. Each modern western organization does have to focus on building innovative products and services. The HR Management becomes the strategic advantage of the organization. The HR Roles and Responsibilities in the organization do change dramatically. The proper, innovative and modern HR Management becomes a hot topic on the table of the executive board. The Human Resources Career Path becomes a viable solution for many college graduates. HR offers the constant change and development. The career in Human Resources is about the constant learning of new stuff, and developing the financial and statistical skills as well.

What is the HR Management about?

The modern Human Resources Management translates the business strategy into the HR Strategy. However, Human Resources Management is not strategically linked with the business strategy yet (see more about the history of Human Resources Management). The business requires the motivated workforce, skilled managers and inspirational leaders. HR develops tools, programs and procedures to build a better organization, which can compete successfully on the market.

Human Resources Management

The HR Strategy is the essential document, which drives the development of Human Resources in the organization. The HR Strategy sets a clear path for HR professionals in the organization and aligns HR employees around shared strategic HR goals.

The modern HR Management is about the performance management, internal equity, succession planning, talent development, and providing competitive benefits. The development of the innovative Human Resources was a long journey. It took many years to design and develop the efficient HR Business Partner Model, but the modern organizations do realize benefits of the design.

The modern HR Management focuses on the building the uniqueness in the organization and providing simple, useful tools for managers and employees. The primary focus of HR changed from providing services to employees to providing managerial and leadership tools to managers. HR does help to employees by cultivating the corporate culture and by teaching managers to be better managers. The strategic Human Resources Management is a modern approach in case of the urgent need of the change of the organization.

What is the role of the HR Professional?

Role of HR ManagerAs Human Resources changes, the profile of the HR Professional changes, as well.. The modern HR Management demands different profiles of the employees. The HR employee in the past was focused on daily tasks, the execution of projects, and did not focus on the strategic agenda. Today, HR requires employees with the strong business acumen. The modern HR Professional can easily switch his career into the financial management or the operational management of the organization. The HR Roles and Responsibilities changed dramatically like no other business function.

Today, the HR Professional shares goals with the business partner. The business partner is usually responsible for the delivery of financial results. The HR Professionals takes over the leadership and management of the strategic projects, which are focused on the change agenda in the function. The HR Professional does not manage the daily agenda; the HR employee manages the strategic agenda for the internal client. However, the real HR Professional does share the time with employees, as well. The voice of the customer is important, and employees are customers of Human Resources. We should not forget employees.

What is the HR Career Path?

Each modern HR Organization needs a special program for the young college graduates. They should manage several HR Projects and they should become experts in several modern HR Processes. They should acquire the basic knowledge about Human Resources. They should continue in the development of their soft skills, which are important for Human Resources. They should enhance their skill-sets and competencies, as they become valuable members of the HR team.

HR Career PathThe career is less important for the young college graduates today. They value the freedom and their work/life balance. They tend to prefer short-term projects. They want to finish the assignment and enjoy their free time. The organization with the excellent work/life balance approach can get a significant competitive advantage.

The HR Career Path should start with the real basics of Human Resources. HR is still about the administration of employee files, filling the attendance sheet and making changes in employees’ records. This is always important, as HR needs good data.

After becoming familiar with the HR Administration, the young HR Professional should receive a basic knowledge about all HR Processes through several quick rotations into different HR units. It is important, as the gained knowledge allows connecting different topics. It makes challenges easier to solve.

Finally, the young participant of the HR Development program should rotate into the business function. The participant should solve the daily agenda of the organization. It is always useful to see HR as the internal client. It can save a lot in the future.

At the end, the graduate of the program can become a real HR Business Partner. It is the most important HR role in the organization. The partner implements HR policies, and leads HR related initiatives for his/her internal clients. The HR Business Partner helps to clients to improve the performance and close all gaps in the HR Management.

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